The Loss of our Structure and Expectations.

famAs far back as civilization is documented there was structure.  People knew who they were in life, they knew what was expected of them, there was a guideline.  Good or bad, there was a guideline.  Through the past several years I have witnessed the dissolution of those guidelines.   Sexually it’s a free for all.  Morally, it isn’t any better.  We have become contradictions to ourselves and nature.  We know more, but can explain less.  We have more, but are less happy or even content.

Despite our whining and complaining things seem to be in an abyss.  Men are women, women are men.  Fathers are mothers, and mothers are fathers. Children are forced to be adults, and adults are irresponsible children. Lies have become truth and truth has been censored and categorized as hate speech, or some sort of bias.  We look to the morally deficient and unethical to be our leaders.  We fight for the climate but forget about humans dying, and children living in squalor.

What will become of us?  We have fought for rights to pray, preach, speak, vote, be a homosexual, marry anyone, ride on buses together, have abortions, use any bathroom we like no matter what sex we are, yet we permit and even stand up for any extremist’s right to take that all away because we don’t want to be politically incorrect.  We are afraid to say the wrong thing to strangers, yet verbally abuse our own families and loved ones.  We tolerate our kids killing each other on city streets in gang violence.  We tolerate drugs being sold everywhere, even by our medical professionals who are forever overmedicating everyone from birth to death.

When women stayed home and cared for the family, and men worked to support it, life was easier and more simple.  Everyone knew what their part was in the play.  Women’s lib has done nothing for the family structure, except divide and destroy it.  When church was almost mandatory or you would be frowned upon by your community if you didn’t attend, life was easier, and we had whom to look up to.  We could let our kids ride bikes and not have to worry about so many different things because the neighbors were part of a unit.  We looked out for each other.  You can say that women’s lives are better now, but are they really that much better?  Surely children’s lives are not.  Now, we have the ability to divorce John if he sucks in bed, cheats on us, is boring, or whatever else the issue is, but how much happier are we really after several relationships and numerous disappointments? How much happier are we letting our new husband, Bill raise John’s kids because John only has every other weekend visitation, yet Bill is there every day taking over the family, and sometimes being called Daddy too, and that seems to be great.  How much happier are we raising those kids alone with no support? How much happier are those kids with only one parent to come home to who they belong to, and seeing other one occasionally or not at all?  How much happier or safer are those kids coming home to an empty house because mom is working sometimes overtime or two jobs to be able to keep a roof over their head?  Where is the community?

To make our point we can bring up women, or even children who were abused in their relationship, either mentally or physically, and men who constantly cheated in their relationship.  The question that should follow is “Did our solution resolve this issue for everyone?”  The simple answer is “NO”.  There are still cheaters, probably now more than ever due to the lack of structure and expectation as well as the availability of technology. There are still people who abuse their spouses and kids.  Probably more so, since drug and alcohol use is higher, and its easier to be abusive other others kids than to you own.  So, what did we accomplish?

There is a general discontent with the quality of life because somewhere along the line the things that really matter in life have taken a backseat to the superficial and inane.   Suicide rates have not gone down since the 1950’s, they’ve gone up. Depression, anxiety and stress are slowly making our life more dependent on medication, marijuana, alcohol and other numbing agents.  Many people suffer from insomnia, needing more pills.  Kids can’t concentrate in school, needing more medication to keep them numbed and docile.

Sure we have computers and technology, but we have no education, poor communication skills and no sense of community due to the little human interaction. What we think we know we get from memes, posts on social media or off of reality shows.  We don’t need to create androids, we are androids.  Just mechanical humans interacting in cyberspace following the leaders.

Along the line, we learned the term social responsibility, yet we have no personal responsibility whatsoever.  We count on medicine to cure all our irresponsible behavior, from pregnancy to STDs, to AIDS.  No one heeds the warnings.  We count on the government to support all the kids we want to have and provide us with assistance.  We count on teachers to teach our kids respect and discipline. We count on Hollywood to teach us morals. We overspend borrowed money, because we can, there’s always a way to get rid of the debt and banks are our role models with their numerous bailouts. We have children who we abandon and provide no support.

Our favorite forms of entertainment are reality shows, or shows that depict violence and gore.  Gone are the days of Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley and The Brady Bunch.  What we present as entertainment to our kids now are shows that are overtly sexual depicting sex as a free for all with rampant bisexuality and infidelity.  If our family structure has been slowly deteriorating and we are now full speed ahead can we expect this to be the new normal? Have we crossed the point of no return as a society and lost our way?


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