IRONY:  a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

IRONY PICThere  are many ironies in life.  There are laws, rules and regulations that are absurd.  They defy logic.  Many of these can become even a legal problem.  These are some of the ones I can think of that are ridiculous.

  1. Head shops are permitted to sell paraphernalia in states where marijuana is illegal. If you get arrested for possession, and have a pipe or bong, you will also be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.
  2. Places that sell and install stereo systems are permitted to sell and install systems that will rattle your neighbor’s windows when you pass by, however, they violate local ordinances regarding noise pollution and disturbing the peace.
  3. Automakers are permitted to make vehicles that can travel 150 m.p.h., or more, but the speed limits in the U.S. are half that. If caught traveling even 35 miles over the speed limit you can be given an Arrest Form instead of a traffic citation which would require a court appearance, and it is a misdemeanor.
  4. Stores that sell auto accessories legally sell headlight covers and tag covers that are illegal to put on your car, because they impede visibility.
  5. You buy a house, and decide to fix it up and maybe upgrade it. Once you finish your upgrades your property taxes go up.
  6. Motorcycle drivers are permitted to drive without the minimum insurance coverage required to drive a car, and yet they are more at risk for injury in an accident.
  7. Your credit card company offers you a great deal of 15% off your purchases if you use your card, but if you don’t pay it all off the first month you may end up paying 25% or more for every month that you have a balance.
  8. We spend 13 years teaching children in school English and Math skills, yet when they graduate and take a placement tests in colleges, they have to take remedial classes.
  9. You have a retirement account that you invest in, and can’t touch that money while in the meantime the bank can play with it, but yet when you need it you have to pay a penalty.
  10. You pay high prices to see concerts or live sporting events, yet you end up seeing it on the jumbo screen because everyone’s head is in the way or you are too far.




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