Healthcare Solutions

doctorsFor years we have been waiting for our leaders to come up to come up with a solution to the healthcare crisis in this country.  We thought Obamacare was going to be the solution.  Unfortunately, it has not turned out that way.  While it has been a blessing to a a particular group, it has negatively impacted so many others.  Recently, we were let down by the GOP, who supposedly were going to present something that they had in the works for several years.  Sadly the plan that was laid down was inefficient and would make things worse according to pretty much everyone that spoke up.

I am not a politician.  I do not have a degree in finance or medicine, but I do have something that seems to be missing in many places, common sense and a desire to fix things.

Trying to tailor a healthcare bill that makes everyone happy in the United States is like trying to fit everyone into a “one size fits all” t-shirt.  Newsflash, it doesn’t fit all.   What continues to happen is that we keep getting left with the same issue, and things become progressively worse.  From an observing American’s point of view, we have two large problems.  that go hand in hand.  Both the pharmaceutical and insurance industry’s chokehold on the American public.  This coupled with the loyalty to campaign donors would be reason enough not to step on toes.

Therefore, after taking all of that into consideration, I present the following solutions, which may or may not have been previously discussed, but seem like a start:

  1. Solution #1

Kick healthcare back to the states and have them work on a solution that benefits their state.  Not all states have the same demographics so this would be an option. They can tailor their plans to fit theirs and keep their constituents happy.  It alleviates the situation in D.C. since this has become quite the circus, and a real solution that everyone will be happy with, seems nowhere in sight.  Repealing Obamacare would be like stealing a lollipop from a child at the park.  We will never hear the end of it from the left and it will create chaos with people’s plans however bad they are at the moment.

  1. Solution #2:

There are many people who are relatively healthy.  These people are not going to enroll in any plan where they will be paying thousands of dollars a year to go once a year for a checkup.  They would rather pay a fine.  A solution would be to implement some sort of structured fee schedule that is not as low as the one that Medicare uses. Instead of a physician billing you $300.00-$500.00 for one consultation, when health insurance pays them regularly $20-50 a visit, a structured fee schedule could be put in place for healthy uninsured Americans that would enable them to get the preventive care they need to ensure they stay that way.  The same would apply to diagnostic facilities, and laboratories.

Currently, an MRI scan can run anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.00 when you are uninsured.  That is an exorbitant amount for a standard test.  When health insurance does pay for it, they pay about $300.00 and when auto insurance pays, in the case of auto accidents, they pay $800-900.00.  Lab work is the same, when it is run through a doctor’s office its roughly $80-$150.00, when paying for it out of pocket it’s about $600.00.  These prices serve as a deterrent for people who actually feel fine to not even go in even for wellness checkups.  You could end up paying $3,000.00 for 2 doctor visits, and some lab work, when you feel perfectly fine.  I, personally, would rather take a vacation for a week then spend it on doctors to tell me I’m fine, especially if I feel fine.

Implementing a nationalized fee schedule would be a solution to this situation. Hospitals, physicians, diagnostic facilities and laboratories would adhere to this fee schedule for those who are paying out of pocket on the spot.   This may even promote some credit card companies to offer health cards so you can charge it.  Presently, Care Credit, offers a card like this but its use is limited to dentistry and plastic surgery.

These same healthy people could also be offered a smaller separate plan for emergency situations.  These plans could be contingent on no pre-existing medical conditions at a fraction of a what the monthly cost is for a full-service plan.

There are many other options out there, that are doable if the concern is really the health of our citizens, but it seems that the problem is that we are too busy trying to make sure that the only ones that don’t get the shaft at the end of the day are the insurance companies.



The Loss of our Structure and Expectations.

famAs far back as civilization is documented there was structure.  People knew who they were in life, they knew what was expected of them, there was a guideline.  Good or bad, there was a guideline.  Through the past several years I have witnessed the dissolution of those guidelines.   Sexually it’s a free for all.  Morally, it isn’t any better.  We have become contradictions to ourselves and nature.  We know more, but can explain less.  We have more, but are less happy or even content.

Despite our whining and complaining things seem to be in an abyss.  Men are women, women are men.  Fathers are mothers, and mothers are fathers. Children are forced to be adults, and adults are irresponsible children. Lies have become truth and truth has been censored and categorized as hate speech, or some sort of bias.  We look to the morally deficient and unethical to be our leaders.  We fight for the climate but forget about humans dying, and children living in squalor.

What will become of us?  We have fought for rights to pray, preach, speak, vote, be a homosexual, marry anyone, ride on buses together, have abortions, use any bathroom we like no matter what sex we are, yet we permit and even stand up for any extremist’s right to take that all away because we don’t want to be politically incorrect.  We are afraid to say the wrong thing to strangers, yet verbally abuse our own families and loved ones.  We tolerate our kids killing each other on city streets in gang violence.  We tolerate drugs being sold everywhere, even by our medical professionals who are forever overmedicating everyone from birth to death.

When women stayed home and cared for the family, and men worked to support it, life was easier and more simple.  Everyone knew what their part was in the play.  Women’s lib has done nothing for the family structure, except divide and destroy it.  When church was almost mandatory or you would be frowned upon by your community if you didn’t attend, life was easier, and we had whom to look up to.  We could let our kids ride bikes and not have to worry about so many different things because the neighbors were part of a unit.  We looked out for each other.  You can say that women’s lives are better now, but are they really that much better?  Surely children’s lives are not.  Now, we have the ability to divorce John if he sucks in bed, cheats on us, is boring, or whatever else the issue is, but how much happier are we really after several relationships and numerous disappointments? How much happier are we letting our new husband, Bill raise John’s kids because John only has every other weekend visitation, yet Bill is there every day taking over the family, and sometimes being called Daddy too, and that seems to be great.  How much happier are we raising those kids alone with no support? How much happier are those kids with only one parent to come home to who they belong to, and seeing other one occasionally or not at all?  How much happier or safer are those kids coming home to an empty house because mom is working sometimes overtime or two jobs to be able to keep a roof over their head?  Where is the community?

To make our point we can bring up women, or even children who were abused in their relationship, either mentally or physically, and men who constantly cheated in their relationship.  The question that should follow is “Did our solution resolve this issue for everyone?”  The simple answer is “NO”.  There are still cheaters, probably now more than ever due to the lack of structure and expectation as well as the availability of technology. There are still people who abuse their spouses and kids.  Probably more so, since drug and alcohol use is higher, and its easier to be abusive other others kids than to you own.  So, what did we accomplish?

There is a general discontent with the quality of life because somewhere along the line the things that really matter in life have taken a backseat to the superficial and inane.   Suicide rates have not gone down since the 1950’s, they’ve gone up. Depression, anxiety and stress are slowly making our life more dependent on medication, marijuana, alcohol and other numbing agents.  Many people suffer from insomnia, needing more pills.  Kids can’t concentrate in school, needing more medication to keep them numbed and docile.

Sure we have computers and technology, but we have no education, poor communication skills and no sense of community due to the little human interaction. What we think we know we get from memes, posts on social media or off of reality shows.  We don’t need to create androids, we are androids.  Just mechanical humans interacting in cyberspace following the leaders.

Along the line, we learned the term social responsibility, yet we have no personal responsibility whatsoever.  We count on medicine to cure all our irresponsible behavior, from pregnancy to STDs, to AIDS.  No one heeds the warnings.  We count on the government to support all the kids we want to have and provide us with assistance.  We count on teachers to teach our kids respect and discipline. We count on Hollywood to teach us morals. We overspend borrowed money, because we can, there’s always a way to get rid of the debt and banks are our role models with their numerous bailouts. We have children who we abandon and provide no support.

Our favorite forms of entertainment are reality shows, or shows that depict violence and gore.  Gone are the days of Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley and The Brady Bunch.  What we present as entertainment to our kids now are shows that are overtly sexual depicting sex as a free for all with rampant bisexuality and infidelity.  If our family structure has been slowly deteriorating and we are now full speed ahead can we expect this to be the new normal? Have we crossed the point of no return as a society and lost our way?

What Happens Next?

untitled-6  The end of this election is 2 days away, and what have we learned and what happens next, are two questions we may ask ourselves given the turmoil and controversy we’ve had to endure during the past year.

Let’s start with what we’ve learned.  We’ve learned that our system is flawed in ways we didn’t even realize, or weren’t willing to acknowledge until it was shown to us on Facebook, through Wikileaks, and undercover videos taken by Project Veritas.  We’ve learned that upper level government controls justice in ways we couldn’t imagine.  We’ve learned that the people who we rely on to provide us with news and not just spin is ineffective in doing their job and is for sale.  We’ve learned that hackers and whistleblowers are the only ones that we can trust to give us “fair and accurate” reporting of what goes on internally.  We’ve also learned that for the most part both of our political parties are practically one and the same, and that which we call “the establishment” is not only established it’s entrenched.

To prove this, we take a look at this year’s election.  The Democratic Party was hijacked by Bernie Sanders, who is a socialist, and the Republican Party was hijacked by Donald J. Trump, who is Nationalist/Populist.  The effects were astounding, and caused a shaking of the system.  Immediately things were done both by the Washington establishment, and the media which is backed by the establishment to stop each of these men from moving forward.  President Obama, and his wife went on the campaign trail almost more than Hillary Clinton and Time Kaine, in order to appeal to the black voters by throwing in the race card, and ultimately appeal to women voters by throwing in the sexism card.  Two cards that carry a lot of weight and are used indiscriminately during elections.  This was after they had managed to oust Bernie Sanders through underhanded means.

This election was an all-out war of lies, sex and videotapes.  When Mr. Trump wasn’t saying some outlandish things himself, he was busy warding off accusations of almost everything from colluding with foreign governments to raping a 13 year-old girl.  Social media ran amok with mud-slinging.  It was a bar brawl of the lowest kind.  There were riots in the streets, people sent to interfere with the campaigning process.  And we heard all kinds of accusations ending in “ism” from both sides.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, a new President will have been elected, yet neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party will ever be the same.  If Hillary Clinton wins it will be under a veil of suspicion and investigation, as well as the very real possibility of a criminal indictment which would lead to impeachment, and the great possibility of a Constitutional crisis.  Even if she is not indicted, the dirt around her and her team will remain, which she may not be able to continue to sweep under the rug and laugh off.  The Bernie supporters who already feel betrayed will undoubtedly question Bernie Sanders’ judgment when he asked them to back Hillary Clinton.  Her supporters will feel that they were let down as well.

Republican party supporters will be angry with the Republican Party for not backing Trump, the same way they had backed all the prior candidates, and allowing this to happen.  What is the probability that they will trust those who are in power that they voted into office?  I’d say slim.

If Donald J. Trump wins on Tuesday, the Republican Party will still be fractured because they failed to support the candidate, and sold out to Hillary Clinton. Clearly any vote or support that wasn’t for Trump would only help her and the lack of proper outward support only means that there is no support.  The Democratic party will still be fractured because of all the shenanigans.  The investigation of Hillary Clinton will continue to a possible indictment, and anyone close to her that wants to continue to be in politics will jump ship as some already have.

If Trump does anything that is positive and noteworthy while in office, he will gain support, and probably stay another four years because he will have proved himself capable.  At that point, he could run under the “Gumby Party” and still be elected into office because four years is not long enough for the people to forget this catastrophe of an election.  If nothing improves under a Trump Presidency, then that is when scary things will happen.  With distrust in our two main parties and negative feelings about anything having to do with the establishment who participated in the 2016 fiasco, the public will turn to anything that is different.  Bernie garnered a lot of support, but he will be too old, and nobody on the circuit would seem like a good choice.   This would be the time where a true socialist could be voted in.  We all know that our universities are places of indoctrination for the liberal agenda, and the millennials will be a large voting block come next election.

Every four years we hear that “this election is a defining moment for our country because it could be the end of life as we know it”.  Well, I think it’s here.  This election is the precursor to the one we’ve all been warned about.  The one that will be a true gamechanger.  If you thought this one was crazy, hold on to your hats next time around we are headed for the hairpin turn.


The Election Sideshow…

We should start charging for admission to the show. If I was the leader of any of the many foreign countries who actually dislike us, I would be rolling on the floor laughing, and pointing the finger as America implodes during this election. The big strong America who predicates democracy, and freedom all over the world in an enforcing way is being taken over by the three stooges, the third stooge being our incredibly “in your face” biased media. This is not democracy, this is a side-show, and we are taken for clowns.

The situation is laughable and pathetic. We have a former First Lady, former Secretary of State, Former Senator running for President as the first woman candidate, who was under investigation for deleting subpoenaed documents, and mishandling classified information while she was in office. Not only that, but her husband, ex-President, who will be back in the White House if she wins, was almost impeached while in office, and has a scandalous past of mishandling interns, whom she has referred to as “bimbos” and other, not so nice, names. As a woman, this is not who I would choose to represent me. I wouldn’t have even put up with the cheating to begin with, much less defended him, as she did. To add fuel to the fire she lies about being under fire while getting out of a helicopter, about the fact that soldiers were left to die for 13 hours on their own, because of nothing less than a video in Florida, and then dismissed it as well its over let’s move on. Yet goes on stage with the Khan family to say how much she supports our military. Yes, she supports the dead ones, or the ones who can promote her agenda because for damn sure while they are alive, they mean nothing to her.

Then on the other side we have a billionaire real estate developer who has made comments about everyone, and anyone, to his own detriment, as if in an effort to get the other one elected, because I can’t see any other motivation for his actions, or lack of shutting the hell up every once in a while. He loses focus like a child with ADD, and feels the need to defend his actions when he was an ordinary citizen like everyone else, up until one year ago. Why?

Then add to that mix the fact that many in his own party are not even supporting him, and would rather forsake their own beliefs than support him, thus making us wonder “What kind of person are you, and what do you really believe in, or stand for when you would walk across the aisle into enemy camp, and offer them support?” In my opinion this represent a lack of integrity on their part. If I don’t support communist ideology why would I support a communist, just because someone in my party is not to my liking? I would sit it out and not offer my vote to anyone. We are not FORCED to vote, it’s a privilege to be exercised by those who want to. I would definitely not sell out my own beliefs.

I ask myself… Why didn’t Donald Jr. run for President, at least he can recite an entire paragraph without becoming distracted by nonsense, or inserting his foot in his big mouth repeatedly.

And while Rome burns, we the people are left with the choice you would give to a seven year old “Do you want broccoli or do you want spinach?” because for sure you are not getting steak, or even pizza.
It’s gotten so bad, and rancid that even Bernie, the socialist, who tried running as a Democrat, but had to leave with his tail between his legs, is starting to look really good.

It’s gotten so bad that we probably want Lyin’ Ted, and Little Marco back, and whoever that 3rd guy running as a Democrat was, back, and a do-over. It’s gotten so bad that Johnson, who doesn’t even know where Aleppo is, may be the better choice, at least we can have a smoke out on the White House lawn, and teach him some geography. It’s gotten so bad that people on both sides, not just one, have been violent, and mean towards each other during the process that many nations wish they were able to have. It’s gotten so bad that families, and friends have become divided. It’s gotten so bad that now we are blaming the candidates, who are neither in office, nor have been for some time, for police brutality, police deaths, playground bullying, weight issues, rape, and everything else that ails our society. All I have to say is stop the merry-go-round I want to get off!

While I love political discussions, as well as any other form of discussion about all kinds of issues, this goes over and beyond the scope of the normal.

WHAT I REALLY WISH, IS THAT I HAD THE POWER TO CONVICE THE ENTIRE COUNTRY NOT TO VOTE IN THIS ELECTION. I wish I had the power to tell everyone to get off the biased channels who comment on these two clowns, and go watch American Idol, at least there when the winner is chosen they actually have talent. We should ALL not waste our time and stay home, and do exactly what these politicians count on, which is ignore what goes on while they line their pockets, send our kids into harm’s way for their own financial gain, and then embarrass us with their lack of respect. That would teach them ALL a valuable lesson. A lesson that Washington and the elites, and those who don’t really give a crap about any of us need to learn. That you can’t keep messing with the American public. That we are sick and tired of their disgraceful behavior. That we are tired of the incessant lies that they continuously spew into our society like venom out of all their collective mouths. I for one have had enough of this garbage that we are actually calling “ELECTIONS”. When you have to vote for what you consider to be the lesser of two evils, there is something inherently wrong with the picture.

End of rant.

US: The people of the United States

MAINSTREAM MEDIATrump has gone around giving some great speeches this week.  Both sides of the media were all over them dissecting each, and every word, and hidden intentions that may or may not be present.  If any of the commentators were that good at predicting intentions from words, then what the hell are they doing being political commentators?  They are better suited to be tracking down serial killers, and criminals.  They could probably even predict crimes by dissecting the words said by people.  It seems funny, but the most interesting few words of Trump’s speech have not even been addressed or mentioned anywhere. For those who did not hear the speech, this is the part that is most real, and accurate:

“The establishment media doesn’t cover what really matters in this country, or what’s really going on in people’s lives. They will take words of mine out of context and spend a week obsessing over every single syllable, and then pretend to discover some hidden meaning in what I said.

Just imagine for a second if the media spent this energy holding the politicians accountable who got innocent Americans like Kate Steinle killed – she was gunned down by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times.

Just imagine if the media spent this much time investigating the poverty and joblessness in our inner cities.

Just think about how much different things would be if the media in this country sent their cameras to our border, or to our closing factories, or to our failing schools. Or if the media focused on what dark secrets must be hidden in the 33,000 emails Hillary Clinton deleted.

Instead, every story is told from the perspective of the insiders. It’s the narrative of the people who rigged the system, never the voice of the people it’s been rigged against.

So many people suffering in silence. No cameras, no coverage, no outrage from a media class that seems to get outraged over just about everything else.” (

No truer words have ever been said by anyone running for public office.  As much as we hold our politicians accountable, we must hold the media accountable for their lack of real journalism.  The media in this country has turned into cheerleading teams for either side, further diverting attention away from where it really needs to be, which is on us, the people of this country, the citizens who pay taxes, the true purchasing power of this country.

If low and median income families stopped watching CNN, FOX, MSNBC and all of the others, then what would happen to them?  No advertisers for products, and services purchased by the lower, and middle classes.  They would have to close up shop because if you look really close, high end designers do not advertise on these shows.  So it is actually in their own best interest to provide the public with what they want.

It is interesting and sickening to see how ISIS members gets glorified in the media, for free every time they commit some atrocity.  Even their family members get to be interviewed.  It is also sickening how much press killers, rapists, and other sociopaths get by the media, instantly giving them the glory that they probably wanted.  All this while children and families in inner cities get killed at the hands of gang members, and criminals sometimes in their own homes.  The amount of money that is being poured into education, and never getting to where it needs to be causing our country to have one of the worst educational systems anywhere.  Where is that in the news every night?  Pharmaceutical companies pour millions of dollars into ads promoting their drugs, so they can turn around, and have the citizens of this country pay for it, through their exorbitant costs.  This also results in higher health insurance costs.

All of these things should be our concern. Politicians need US to get elected.  The media needs US to watch so they can sell ads and make profits.  Who are the losers here?  We are.

If we are honest to ourselves and take a step back away from what we have been brainwashed to believe, we will realize that this is indeed what has been happening systematically.  We are told what to think, why we should think it, and why our thinking is wrong or right depending on who is the storyteller you are watching. We are told what medications to ask our own doctors for, and why even though they may kill us, and many do, why we should keep taking it.  Why aren’t these companies being hunted down by our “journalists” and asked why their medications are so expensive here, yet cheap in all other countries?  Why are the ones who can make decisions to improve our schools not hunted down, and interviewed by “journalists” and asked why they are not doing their job?  Why aren’t those responsible for the decision making in order to ensure the safety of our inner cities not put on the spot? Is it too much to ask that the neighborhood you live in is safe from crime so that your child can make it to his 40th birthday without getting shot or ending up in our judicial system?

The cure to our brainwashing  is obviously more community involvement in that which should matter to us.  More enforcement of our power as citizens, and more speaking out, now that we all have the means to do it freely and publicly on Facebook, and other social media on issues that need to be addressed.  In the very least we should all get on Twitter and whatever Facebook page of our politicians and community leaders have, and question them until we get a response and the change that we want.  Let’s also find the pages for all media outlets and tell them what we want to see in the news, and what we are tired of seeing. Speeches can be great and very motivating, but the proof is in the pudding.

#nomorebrainwashing #citizens4reality #calltoactionforUS



I hardly ever have a hard time making a decision.  When confronted with a problem my inner problem solver takes over, and as I’m listening to the problem I am processing every viable solution.  This year I have a difficult task to figure out.  I have the duty, and privilege, as an American, to vote in this year’s election.  In previous years I have not had a difficult time voting because there was always someone running that I felt could possibly be representative of what I believed, and wanted for our country.

This year the task is a strangely difficult one.  It has come to the point that I have accused myself in my own mind of being a flip flopper.  I’ve gone back and forth in my mind endlessly. Although I was originally a Republican I have been an independent for many years, mainly because I didn’t want to be put into a box, and labeled something that I, at times, was not fully comfortable with.

I’m sure, or actually, I know, that many people out there are having the same difficult time.  This must be what people in “fake democracies” feel like.   The decision for them is “Who do we want to screw us over, and lie to us for the next few years?”.   During this election, I’ve tried to keep an open mind, I’ve gone back to old interviews on YouTube, I’ve listened to NPR, Hannity, CNN, Fox, etc.  I’ve read Breitbart, Huffington, BBC, Cosmo, Al Jazeera News, Rolling Stone, and others.  I’ve dug deep into the archives of the web looking for articles written many years ago just to refresh my memory about the two candidates that we have to choose from, and the only certain conclusion I have come to is that I will not, and cannot vote for Hillary.  To me, she represents all that is wrong with government. She is the personification of cover ups, deceit, disregard, and a shady career politician.   What I can’t understand is why are there so many people that can’t see through the veil, at least sufficiently to say “okay, she sucks, but that’s all we have”.  I’ll take that over those that look to her as if the savior of humanity.  As if she was going to take control of Washington and make all the promises, and hopeful expectations of her constituents come true in one shake of a wand.  What she hasn’t done in almost 30 years.  Her’s is the candidacy of HOPE.  She hopes you will forget the things she’s done.  She hopes that you won’t listen to any opposing views.  She hope that you don’t hold anything you may hear against her. She hopes that you won’t realize who she really is.  She hopes she can still convince you that she is working for you, and not for herself.  She hopes she can pull off this one last scam.  That is the hope she offers. Just because I’m not voting for Hillary, doesn’t mean I’m thrilled about voting for Trump.  I would vote for the Libertarians who I tend to identify more with, but that would surely guarantee a vote for Hillary, and Johnson doesn’t thrill me either.

So I delved deeper into my Trump investigation.  Being a sarcastic person myself, I can identify on a miniscule level with some of Trumps remarks, because some are true, and obvious.  I did check out many things, and I also saw all his debates and town hall meetings, as well as Hillary’s.   In Trump’s prior interviews from back in the 80’s he was eloquent, well spoken, and came across as an educated man.  I realize that in the beginning he had to be outrageous because even negative publicity is better than no publicity, especially if it’s free, ask Dr. Carson who could have used more of it.  But when he achieved the nomination leaving 16 opponents in the dust, I thought, well okay where is the Trump I had seen on Oprah?  Where is the educated, well- spoken man who said he loved this country?   I would have thought it was time to let him out.

In observing what the media says, I find many things ludicrous.  The most entertaining is “He’s crazy he’ll push the button”.  For those who are not voting for Trump only for this reason.  Trump is not a dictator.  There is a Vice President among other members of government who would have to be equally as crazy as him to follow through on the “button” idea.  Additionally, we do have the 25th Amendment.  Look it up, it is there.  It kind of protects the country if your leader goes off his rocker.

For those who say he is a racist, I did my own searching, in case my own memory failed me because being a Hispanic, I would be apprehensive about voting for someone who disliked people of my heritage.   I couldn’t recall any instance where it was written somewhere that Trump was a racist, but just to be safe, I searched.  Usually when a person has been a public figure, for as long as he has, comments will be made, something, somewhere will be written about it, especially racism which is such a hot topic.  I cannot say I found anything noteworthy other than his recent comments. I remember seeing Trump on Oprah, and other shows, including his own, and he never rubbed me as a racist, but apparently now at 69, he is, according to mainstream liberal media, and maybe even some Republicans that are shaking in their boots, and still bitter about the massive loss.

The media indicates that Trump is using fear to obtain followers.  I don’t see any fear mongering.  He states truths.  We need to enforce immigration laws, very true.  Even the most well intentioned illegal immigrant will do something so slight such as driving without a valid driver’s license or insurance.  This is an illegal act.  Some will use social security numbers that don’t belong to them just so they can work to provide for their families.  It would be great if the social security number didn’t already belong to someone else.  Unfortunately for these hard working people with no papers or permits to work in this country, this is called identity theft.  So even if all illegal immigrants aren’t murderers, rapists or drug dealers, they do commit other illegal acts that could affect one of our legal members of society.   There are endless comments about how illegal immigrants do jobs that no one wants.  While that may be true when it comes to farming, all illegal immigrants are not employed on a farm. So what damage can this do?  Since they are willing to work for less just to have an income, then that takes away jobs from those who are in this country legally, leaves them unemployed because they couldn’t possibly live on the wage that the employer is paying the illegal.

Obviously I don’t feel that deporting 11 million people is the answer, but we do need to crack down on the problem, and first ensure that our borders are better protected than what they are now.  There is no point in having hundreds of border patrols, if they are instructed to let the people go through, even the drug dealers, who will come, and go as they please.  You might as well send the guards home, and not spend the money.  It is not a lie that we are housing thousands of illegal immigrants in our Federal facilities.  This is taxpayer money going to mainly private facilities that are making a pretty penny just to keep them there anywhere from 6 months to 2 years at a time until they get processed.  Some use the system as a frequent flyer program.  Come in, work or whatever, send money home, get caught doing whatever, stay for a while for free, and get a free bus pass home.  Turn around a couple months later jump the fence, and do it all over again.  It is no lie, do the research.  They are arrested as re-entries after deportation.

When Trump says that we need to stop Muslims from coming into the country, that is what the media prints, they don’t print the rest of what he says, that this is until we know who the hell is here, and why.  What is wrong with this position?  Would I have an open house party in my home and not wonder or want to know, who is coming and going, and what parts of my house they are visiting?  I think not.  What country permits this?   Try walking into anywhere, and just going wherever you feel like going.  You will be stopped and asked what you are doing there and who or what you are looking for.  In many places you even have to produce ID.  So why should our country be any different than some businesses or government facilities?  We need a head count before more people are given visas, and entry.  Unfortunately, due to the slow wheels of anything governmental in our country it takes FOREVER to process things.    This is the problem we need to fix, not just bash our own American citizens who want safety, and call them racists.  Feeling safe where you live is not a sin, it is a basic need.  That is not fear mongering, it’s a demand for a basic right.  We have to come to the realization that Radical Islamic Terrorists are Muslim. They are not Christian, they are not Buddhist or Jews or anything other than Muslim.  Do I think all Muslims are evil, no, I do not.  There is good and evil in all religions, even atheism.

The problem is that our country is not really that efficient at processing things in an adequate manner.  I hope we all can remember that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  That was our “intel”.  How accurate was that?  Okay, so are we going to trust that none of the people that are coming over are terrorists or have ill intentions whether they are men, women or children.  We can’t be ignorant.  Our lives depend on it our safety depends on it.  What happened in Orlando, and California were planned ahead of time.  These people did not wake up one day and say “hey let’s go kill people”.  What do we have to lose by doing this?  It is a temporary hold.  I would put the hold on all visas if you really want to make it fair.  We have to keep in mind that this is a country, our country, the place where we live, and breathe.  We can’t sell out in the name of political correctness.

When it comes to things Trump says about others, I agree that there is often not a need to be mean or nasty to someone, but by the same token I do find that those who have been subjected to his comments were not sitting at home on their sofas.   In the case of the Khans I think if they decided that they were going to enter the spotlight of politics and be political, they had to be well aware, especially being in the legal field like Mr. Khan is, that you are walking into the lion’s den.  Things will be said, it’s a no holds barred situation.   The same applies to the reporter with a disability.  Yes, he has a disability.  Yes, it was not necessary for Trump to mock him, but again, the reporter is in a position where he is attempting to get the story that he wants to tell, and clearly it was not a pro-Trump story.  He is aware that the political arena is dirty, and mean to anyone and everyone, so he took his chance and got bitten.  It may sound bad, but it’s the truth of the situation.  Trump did not walk into the reporter’s house or job, and poke fun at him, the reporter walked onto his turf and exposed himself to whatever may come.  This kind of holds true for anyone else who he has bashed.

It may sound like I’m defending Trump, and his behavior.  I’m not.  I am presenting what we have been shown over, and over, and over again in every single format (like a brainwashing) of the transgressions with a more objective view.

My next topic of inspection was his family.   He may be whatever people want to say he is but he raised four well educated children who seem to be family oriented and goal driven.  I can’t comment on the fifth child because he is still a child.  What I have seen is a family that supports one other, and they support their father, who apparently has been there with them their whole life in one way or another.  During the times the cameras panned the audience you could see his children interacting with each other like regular siblings.   Then there is his wife, who is a beautiful woman, and whether she has a college education or not, she presents herself with a certain degree of class.  Being an immigrant herself, with a deep accent, she stands by his side but not overtaking the stage like some of the other wives of previous Presidential hopefuls.  She went out there like a trooper despite attacks on her person about her nude pictures, and her immigration status, etc.  Apparently she is able to take the attacks in a composed manner.  I do find it amusing that the liberals want everyone to forget about Hillary, and her husband’s past transgressions but they bring up Melania’s nude pictures.

So how does a person who is such an incredible jerk still manage to have what appears to be a nice family that work together, and who love him, and support him?  That I think is noteworthy.

The next criticism in the media is of his business practices.  I don’t know about you, but if you are going to be in business you need to have full knowledge of what your avenues are for any given problem that you may face.  His bankruptcies are a big issue.  I wonder what those who criticize would you have done?  Stayed there and waited for what to happen?  Bad business decisions are made every day by everyone, so do you cut your losses or stay the course crashing and burning?  Why do we fault someone who did what was legally available to him at the time?   He’s ruthless in business.  I would be ruthless too.  You can’t have a thriving business by giving away the farm.  Money is money and business is tough.  Would we prefer that he be a really bad businessman? Would that make him more appealing as a Presidential candidate?

One of my favorite comments is that he has no experience, he’s never held office.  Well this is the only true statement.  Upon observing how apt Hillary has been during her tenure in government, as well as some of the other Presidents we’ve had, I don’t know what would be better.  In my opinion the United States of America is a corporation.  A very large one, it has budgets, it has accounts payables, accounts receivables, loans, interest and donations.  Why not have someone who understands finance?  Let’s take a look back, and see what our “experienced” leaders have gotten us so far.  You can lie to yourself and say that the budget is not bad that our national debt is fine.  Or you can look at it and look around and realize that change needs to occur or people in their 50’s will have a harder time when they retire.

While I believe that political correctness is ruining our country, Trump is the other end of that spectrum.  Would I prefer a candidate that was less outspoken, in this regard.  Yes.  Someone who appears more grounded would be a better option, but we have to understand that he is not alone.  Again, this is not a dictatorship.  While I think he has said some crazy stuff of the cuff remarks, much of it has been taken out of context and over exaggerated by the liberal media just for ratings and to go against him.

So I wait patiently for the debates, and the next couple of months to pass because you never know what can pop up out of nowhere, but in my mind I would rather have someone that offers something different, than the same of what we’ve had or worse.   I’m also hoping that Trump puts his tongue back into its cage for the time being and becomes an experienced teleprompter reader like a regular politician.

The future is unknown, but the only thing we know for sure is that the Republican party will never be the same.   I also know, that this would have been a golden opportunity for the Libertarians, to make a real move, and gain some footing, but I think they needed a more charismatic choice as a candidate.  Maybe someone as outrageous as Trump in the beginning just to get the word out, and get the free advertising.

If Trump doesn’t win, at least we can say that he got everyone interested and passionate about this country again.  We had been through many years of apathy and lack of interest.  Its good to see that everyone has finally has woken up.



It never ceases to amaze me how our educational system has deteriorated and continues its downward spiral.    Children are graduating from high school unable to write a paragraph using proper language, spelling, and punctuation.  Then they go to college and have to take remedial classes so that they can then take a college level English class.  This, after 13-14 years of education, if you count Pre-Kinder.

For many years it appears that our primary goal in education has been to make sure that testing companies make a lot of money.  Statewide standardized testing has replaced teaching in our schools.  Students are made to memorize information that will be on the test in order for them to obtain a positive result, which in turn gives the school a better grade overall, and facilitates funding.  These tests are limited to English and math.

This, to me, is ridiculous, and not conducive to any proper learning.  During these testing phases all other learning is virtually suspended in order to concentrate on the subject matter of the test.  Additionally, this adds an unnecessary burden on both the students, who want to pass the test so that they are not held back, and the teachers, who are being counted on by the administration to produce results which would allow them to receive more funding for their school.

Somewhere along the line we stopped caring about what and how our children are being taught and have allowed the government to take over.  Given the current track record they are not doing a good job.

The implementation of common core is another situation that adds to the demise of knowledge.  Common core emphasizes lack of originality.  It doesn’t leave room for an educator to educate.  It is the McDonaldization of education, and the smoldering of free thought and creativity.

If you look for the definition of education it is “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university” and “an enlightening experience”.  Our educational system is neither instructive, enlightening nor giving.  It is mechanical, repetitive and designed to diminish the interest of the student.

Common core supporters think that having our kids take tests every so often automatically make them smarter, and we will be able to catch up to other nations of the world in terms of education.  Given the fact that we are a superpower and fall below most Asian countries, Russia, and Canada, that is not going to happen unless we begin to educate our children not just have them memorize things periodically for tests.

Actual learning includes the practical application of what is learned, and being able to conceptualize what you know to be able to apply it in different ways.  Presently only about 2% of students in America can do this.

While I’m not against testing, I think that it is important for the testing to be part of the learning process not used as a periodic marker of effectiveness.  Presently we are losing most of our better educators due to the shift to common core, and their lack of being able to actually educate.  In Asian countries educators are selected based on their skill levels, and are trained and provided with opportunities for advancement in their careers.  They are encouraged to create and use their own teaching styles for better results in the classroom.  Standardized type tests are given weekly of the material learned, not once every other year, forcing information to be crammed into the students’ minds.

Definitely changes need to be made from the first year of school all the way through high school if we are to have any hope for our children’s educational futures.